Self-Funded COST Model

The added value of your online system will not cost you anything. We designed the transaction-based self-funded approach to build online solutions for enterprises like you without requiring up front or ongoing investments. Under a transaction-based self-funded approach, a modest transaction fee is added to the overall cost to end users/filers.

Transaction fees provide the basis for funding your online service and eCommerce program. A high percentage of all transaction fees collected are reinvested into the infrastructure and used to continually enhance and maintain your service.

The transaction-based self-funded model can be adapted to deliver tangible benefits in a variety of circumstances, including:

  • For enterprises of any size
  • To meet your unique business requirements
  • In your economic climate
  • To integrate with your legacy IT system

Good business: we work collaboratively with you to make decisions on prioritization of services, and establishing transaction fees for the services. You maintain ownership of all data, while we oversee the electronic delivery of services and information

Do More - Spend Nothing

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