Potential claimants
give notice of their project involvement.

Although we recognize your state may have specific requirements that require customizations, the general concept of our SCR system is designed to create construction project transparency, and is quite simple:

  1. The project is registered into the online system by providing property details and owner information. (This is typically done by the owner or the general contractor.) Upon registration, a unique identification number is assigned to the project.
  2. Owner or general contractor posts the details at the job site and informs others about the process. By doing so, potential lien claimants wishing to preserve their lien rights can announce their participation in the project and provide their contact information.
  3. Closing attorneys, lenders, etc. can search the system to see all project involvement and ensure payments have been made.

Construction project is registered into the online system.

Transparency is created, and lien rights are protected.




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